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Undergarments Information

Low friction fabric undergarments to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers (bedsores)

Parafricta® Undergarments are made using a strong, breathable, silk-like, low-friction, proprietary fabric that reduces the risk of friction and shear-related skin breakdown, leading to pressure ulcer development on the sacrum, buttocks and hips.

Despite the use of pressure relieving mattresses and cushions, the trunk area remains vulnerable to skin breakdown caused by friction and associated shear.  This is because people may repeatedly slide down the chair, wheelchair or bed. Incontinence weakens skin and increases the friction between the skin and the support surface. Actions such a shuffling on a transfer board or repositioning further expose the skin to high levels of friction.  Moisture associated with sweating can also lead to dermatitis exacerbated by friction (intertrigo). When subjected to friction and the associated shearing, the cells and tissues of the buttocks and other parts of the trunk begin to break down, which first manifests itself as redness and inflammation (pre-category 1 and category 1 pressure ulcers) and may progress to blistering and ulceration (category 2+ pressure ulcers).

Parafricta® Undergarments provide a comfortable way to protect the sacrum, buttocks and hips from the risk of friction and shear-related pressure ulcers and other skin breakdown conditions. 

There are three types of undergarment which are all washable and reusable. The boxer and brief styles are both slip on. There is also a VELCRO® brand closure brief style for patients that would find it difficult to pull up the slip-on styles.

For more information please read the Undergarment Leaflet or view this information video.

Detailed Instructions for Use, Size Selection, Washing Instructions and Product Specifications can be found in our User Guides.  These are also available in several languages.

Health and Care professionals can follow the link to the Training Video. 

This poster summarising and providing links to all essential information resources on the bootees can be downloaded from here (for healthcare professionals).

Please note that, as of May 2023, we have updated our guidance on how to select the right size of undergarment.