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Training Videos for District and Community Nurses, GPs, Patients and their relatives 

Alice's Story

James' Story How Does Parafricta Work     

Undergarment training video 

Bootee training video 

In this video we explain how Parafricta® fabric is designed to prevent pressure ulcers by reducing the effects of friction and shear. 

Parafricta in Conversation with Amit Gefen Debbie Gleeson: 5 Year Clinical Experience using Low Friction Fabric Bootees for Heel PU Prevention Prof Amit Gefen: The Biomechanical Influence of Static Friction and Shearing on Heel Tissue Damage
Interview with Professor Amit Gefen (University of Tel Aviv) explaining how the damaging effects of friction and shear can lead to heel pressure ulcers (Nov 9, 2017) Click here to download presentation Click here to download presentation

Cathie Bree Aslan: Clinical Manifestations of Friction and Shear Related Skin Breakdown

Click here to download presentation