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"It's been absolutely amazing", we trialed (the bootees) for six months and the improvement was so dramatic that we thought it was unethical to discontinue the trial."
Deborah Gleeson, Senior TVN at St Helens and Knowsley Hospital, as reported in the Liverpool Echo (www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/nurses-bootee-brainwave-saves-nhs-12300869)

"I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that these products have made a significant difference to our most frail and vulnerable residents, in terms of protecting skin integrity and avoiding bedsores. The product is not only comfortable, non-clinical in appearance and hard-wearing, but extremely effective at protecting the skin from breakdown. As all of our residents have either a dementing illness or enduring mental health problems, finding products that are effective, lasting and clear value for money can be problematic. We have now incorporated the use of Parafricta into our formal risk assessment/care planning processes and have had no incidences of bedsores since"
Frances Edmunds, Director of Nursing, Alexandra House Care Services

"For one who spends nearly 24 hours a day in my armchair due to my disablement, I would like to thank you for your product, this solves the biggest problem of inactivity, bed sores. I bought a pair of your pants to try, they were so good I bought 3 more pairs. As the advert says “it does what it says on the tin”. I haven’t been so comfortable for years. Once again thanks."
Mr M Ross, Yeovil

"My mother is 90 years old and has been immobile for just over a year. She developed red pressure marks on her heels in November. The district nurse gave her foam protective heel covers but these did not keep in place well. The redness got no worse with this treatment but also did not improve.The special new bootees...kept on well and within a few days the redness was diminished and was completely gone after about ten nights of use. She continues to wear the bootees each night and her heels are remaining in a good condition."
C. Richardson

"Easy and convenient to apply and comfortable for the patient...use of his heels to push himself up the bed lessened, which was desirable. Overall the Parafricta Bootees significantly reduced time in dressing changes, and reduced dressing changes to alternate days resulting in greater cost-effectiveness, i.e. less dressings used and less clinician time. This also improved patient quality of life."
Caroline Hughes, Senior TVN, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital