Pack Inserts 

Including: Washing Instructions, size guides, and how to use  

  1. Parafricta Velcro Bootee (PFFB-001)
  2. Parafricta Slip-on Bootee (PFFB-002)
  3. Parafricta Velcro Undergarment (PFFUG-001)
  4. Parafricta Undergarment Slip on - Brief Style (PFFUG-002)
  5. Parafricta Undergarment Slip on - Boxer Style (PFFUG-003)
  6. Parafricta Single Fitted Sheet (PFFSS-001)
  7. Parafricta Single Flat Sheet (PFFSS-002)
  8. Parafricta Single Flat Sheet (PFFSS-003)
  9. Parafricta Mobility Assist Sheet (PFFMAS-001)
  10. Parafricta Double Flat Sheet (PFFDS-001)
  11. Parafricta Pillowcase (PFFPC-001)
  12. Parafricta Neonatal Nest (PFFNBN-001)
  13. Parafricta Neonatal Sheet (PFFNBS-001)
  14. Parafricta Easy-on Bootee SPU (PFFB-004)