APA Parafricta Ltd is a wound care company which markets a range of skincare products made from its proprietary, low-friction fabric, Parafricta®. The products are designed to combat the damaging effects of friction and shear on the skin, principally to aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, a major, worldwide healthcare issue.

Parafricta® products are used in acute hospitals, care homes and in the community. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Parafricta® products, and have also shown that used properly Parafricta’s products save time and money. Parafricta® bootees and undergarments, the leading products, are obtainable on prescription in the UK. They are Class 1 UK and EU - registered medical devices.  

APA Parafricta Ltd is a registered medical device manufacturer with the UK’s MHRA. The company is also registered on the EU EUDAMED database for medical device manufacturers.

The company is independent and owned by its board, institutional investors and angels.

Mission Statement

“To improve people’s lives, by helping to protect fragile skin from the damaging effects of friction and shear. "