Brief Style - Velcro® Closure Undergarment by Parafricta®

£66.00 £79.20 (inc. VAT)

This style sits high on the back and the front opening Velcro fastenings allow for less mobile wearers to be comfortably dressed


The Parafricta® Undergarment (Brief Style – VELCRO® brand closure) protects the sacral and gluteal (buttocks) area against pressure ulcers (bedsores, pressure injuries) and skin breakdown due to friction and associated shear (e.g. as a result of frequent repositioning, sliding on a transfer board or wheelchair use). The high back is designed to extend to vulnerable skin in the sacrum. This front-opening, VELCRO®-secured version allows less-mobile wearers to be dressed whilst lying down. It is washable and reusable (60°C, synthetic cycle).

A range of different sizes are available. Select a size based on hip measurement first.