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Bedding Information

Low friction fabric bedding to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers (bedsores)

Parafricta® Bedding incorporates a strong, breathable, silk-like, low-friction, proprietary fabric that reduces the risk of friction and shear-related skin breakdown and can also assist users to turn in bed with less difficulty.

The bedding can provide all-round protection to skin on the body and head that is vulnerable to pressure ulcers caused by friction and shear. There are other skin breakdown conditions in which patients may gain benefit from a low friction fabric sheet, including for burns patients post skin grafting.

For more information on the Bedding range please read the Bedding Leaflet

Specialist neonatal intensive care unit products are available to protect the very fragile skin of pre-28 week premature neonates. Follow the link to the Information Leaflet.

Detailed Instructions for Use, Washing Instructions and Product Specifications can be found in our User Guide.