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Advanced Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment

APA Parafricta Ltd is a medical products company which markets a range of skin protection products made from its proprietary, low-friction fabric, Parafricta®. The products are designed to relieve the damaging effects of friction and associated shear (abrasion, sticking and dragging) on the skin, principally directed at prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores. There are other applications in fragile skin conditions such as treated burns, premature neonates and epidermolysis bullosa ("butterfly skin"). The most common locations for pressure ulcers include the heels and buttocks, which are frequently exposed to friction and shear, hence our leading product lines are bootees and undergarments. The products are designed for patient comfort and ease of use. The fabric also has applications in the moving and handling of patients with ease for nurses and carers.

Parafricta® products are used by patients in hospitals, nursing/care homes and at home in the community. Published clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Parafricta® products and that they can save time and money. The UK National Institute of Health and Clinical excellence has published guidance on the products in 2014 and updated in 2021. Parafricta® bootees and undergarments are obtainable on prescription in the UK. Parafricta bootees are listed on an NHS Shared Business Services framework. APA Parafricta Ltd is a registered class I medical device manufacturer with the UK’s MHRA. The company and products are also registered on the EU EUDAMED database (allowing the products to be sold in the EU).

Parafricta’s medical products are featured on this website. Parafricta® low friction fabric technology has other potential applications in the non-medical arena such as in sportswear and consumer products.

The company is independent and owned by its board, institutional investors and angels.

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