Prevent & Treat Bed Sores at Home with Low-Friction Fabrics

Bed sores may sound like minor blemishes or scratches on the surface of the skin, but they can become a huge source of severe discomfort if not treated sufficiently.

Though a problem for those who, due to old age, illness or injury, are bedridden, bed sores can appear whenever an area of skin has gone through some form of deterioration. Constant contact between material or fabric that rubs against sensitive sections of the skin can culminate in the opening of bedsores causing great irritation and sustained damage. The friction that is produced through repeated twisting and turning when using conventional sheets, surfaces and garments can be massively reduced through investment in Parafricta’s low-friction fabrics.

Parafricta’s Product Promise

Parafricta’s product range offers a variety of styles and sizes which give the skin enough space to breathe while supporting the curves and contours of the body to reduce unnecessary bunching. In order to stick to our promise of low-friction fabric, we focus on the specific size and dimensions of the customer’s body.

At Parafricta, we know that the accurate measurement and manufacture of our garments can be the difference between a night of sound sleep and an evening of frustration and pain.

Bodies and Body Parts with a Predisposition to Bed Sores

Bed sores can become a legitimate complaint for individuals of any age or background. Sudden sustained exposure to hot, stifling conditions or a source of frequent and intense friction for a prolonged period of time, can all be common causes.

Hotspots and high-risk areas are, of course, common points of contact with whatever material your skin is resting upon for a number of unmoving hours. Buttocks, heels, shoulders and the backs of our heads are the sections most commonly subjected to the pressure of our own body weight. These are the areas where a low-friction fabric is desperately needed.

Protection for Those Who are Immobile

Though tossing and turning while asleep, repeatedly rubbing raw parts of exposed skin on rough material can obviously be detrimental to the skin, conversely, a state of immobility is also a cause for concern.

Anybody sat or laid on the same sticky or scratchy surface for long periods could be a prime candidate for bed sores. For some, the simple suggestion to get up and move around regularly is a straightforward solution. For those unlucky others who cannot move so freely, a low-friction fabric barrier between them and the uncomfortable material to which they involuntarily find themselves attached can be a huge relief.

Preventative Products from Parafricta

Our flagship high-performing and widely popular products are renowned for their freedom-giving qualities. Made from a silk-like textile, we have expertly engineered a collection of undergarments from low-friction fabrics.

For customers experiencing a limited amount of movement or dexterity, our extremely versatile briefs and boxers allow you the dignity to cover up and conceal without the added hassle of a buttonhole mechanism. The velcro function on some of our designs allows simple opening and closing for easy single-hand access and operation.

As with all our undergarment lines, our boxers and briefs are silky smooth, light and require very little effort to put on giving a sense of power and independence back to customers who are reliant on others for so much of their day-to-day. If you have any questions about Parafricta low-friction fabric products, simply contact a member of the team today.