Pressure Ulcer Products: Parafricta Bedding

The lucky ones among us spend approximately eight hours every single night in bed. Even poor sleepers will spend around one-third of their entire lives between the sheets. It can be easy to pay little-to-no attention to the quality and composition of those sheets, however, when mobility becomes an issue, these factors can hugely impact our quality of life.

Pressure Ulcer Causes and Cases

At Parafricta, we have written extensively on the causes of bed sores and the various pressure ulcer products that may help to alleviate friction and shear. These are two of the leading contributors to pressure ulcer formation, which can occur due to sustained contact with bed surfaces.

Ideally, a person should shift, rotate and reposition the body at regular intervals to reduce pressure and safeguard our sensitive skin. Yet the very act of moving against rough fabrics can aggravate sores and contribute to pressure ulcer degradation. Our portfolio of pressure ulcer products offers a form of practical protection for just such individuals.

Pressure Ulcer Products and Practical Uses

Parafricta’s ever growing range of pressure ulcer products are built to protect vulnerable people no matter how long they are confined to the bed, whether they are recovering from a sustained injury or just looking for a restless night’s sleep. With this in mind, we offer our low-friction pressure ulcer products for pillowcases, bedsheets, covers and garments which make it easier than ever for people to adjust their position in bed with limited levels of friction.

Pressure Ulcer Products: Medical Applications

Never satisfied with the status quo and always looking for ways we can improve the lives of our customers, we have teamed up with our pioneering partners to come up with our latest invention: a line of moving and handling sheet systems.

In collaboration with another industry expert, Care-Ability, we noticed a niche in the market and a desperate need for low-friction fabric sheets and covers that could comfortably carry patients with skin complaints. Moving patients with skin issues can be an excruciating experience. Our pressure ulcer products fitted with harnesses and handles reduce the rubbing and resistance that usually results from the pulling of fabric against human flesh.

A Friction-free Future

Imagine a simple twist or turn in bed being the cause of indescribable agony and anguish. Everybody should be free to enjoy a pain free rest or night’s sleep. At Parafricta we are working tirelessly to update, refine and add to our proprietary low-friction fabric lines to give those less fortunate than ourselves the chance to live in the most humane way possible. If you would like to learn more about our pressure ulcer products, simply contact a member of the team today.