Low-Friction Undergarments from Parafricta

Built on a proprietary wound care technology and an unswerving commitment to improving people’s lives, Parafricta is a wound care company that was established to make a difference to those suffering from bedsores and pressure ulcers.

Our product line includes low-friction undergarments, bedding, and bootees which are used in both acute medical settings and care homes. With studies increasingly demonstrating the effectiveness of products based on our novel fabric, we have noticed a growing demand for Parafricta® products out in the community too.

Outlining Parafricta® Low-Friction Undergarments

Bedsores and pressure ulcers develop due to a combination of factors, affecting different risk groups to varying degrees. Caregivers are responsible for mitigating as many of these factors as possible to reduce the likelihood of wounds developing, or to help treat them. Yet this can demand an intensive schedule of careful movement, which can be extremely taxing.

We developed our low-cost low-friction undergarments to ease the strain placed upon both caregivers and patients, by improving the road to recovery and cutting out key contributors to wound degradation.

Parafricta® is a silk-like fabric with negligible adhesive properties. This means it easily slides between surfaces, regulating friction better than almost any other fabric on the market. By implementing this novel material into clinical garments, we aimed to tackle the problems of friction and shear; two of the main contributors to pressure ulcer development.

Our Low-Friction Undergarments

Pressure ulcers often affect the sacrum, hips, and buttocks. That is why Parafricta® fabrics are perfect for low-friction undergarments designed to combat shearing forces that occur when patients move from a seated position, or while lying down. Yet our mission is not just to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, but to improve our customer quality of life.

Parafricta® low-friction undergarments are designed to protect the trunk of the body in a comfortable way. Our complete line of undergarments can be used by anyone, even those suffering from moisture-related dermatitis.

Available in three main styles (slip-on boxers or briefs, and Velcro-closure briefs), the Parafricta® range of low-friction undergarments consider the varied needs of patients at various stages of recovery, wherever they are in the medical community.

Contact Parafricta

Do you, or does someone you know, suffer from bedsores and pressure wounds? Parafricta may be able to help. We are not medical professionals, nor do we profess to offer medical advice, but our low-friction undergarments have been clinically-proven to help ease discomfort from pressure ulcers in a cost-effective way. Speak with your primary clinician or GP to see if low-friction garments from Parafricta could be beneficial to you. Or, if you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team today.