Introducing Parafricta Low-Friction Fabric

Pressure ulcers (or bedsores) are severely uncomfortable injuries, typically caused by sustained pressure, coupled with friction and shear, on an area of your body. Although they can affect anyone, people who sit in wheelchairs for long periods, or who are confined to bed are at a higher risk of developing pressure ulcers. Parafricta low-friction fabric is designed to prevent pressure- and friction-related injuries from forming and to help with the healing process.

How Does Parafricta Low-Friction Fabric Work?

Parafricta low-friction fabric is a silk-like but strong and washable product that helps to prevent and manage pressure ulcers, by protecting against friction and shear. Both forces can cause damage to the skin, particularly on parts of the body that are subjected to a lot of sustained pressure; some of the most common areas afflicted are the heels, hips and base of the spine. When you are static for long periods, it puts pressure on those parts of your body that are in contact with a surface – the seat of a wheelchair for example. Movement can then cause the skin to shear and break.

Using a low-friction fabric can eliminate the shear stress of moving after long sedentary periods. This is measured by what’s known as a friction coefficient, which defines how well a material can moderate the friction between two objects. Materials with a friction coefficient of <1 will effectively limit the friction between two objects and make it less likely that shear stress will develop.

Textiles generally have a friction coefficient from 0.4 to 0.7, which means they work moderately well in reducing shear. Parafricta is a proprietary low-friction fabric with an ultra-low coefficient of 0.2. This reduces friction to such a degree that shear is all but eliminated, significantly reducing discomfort and massively decreasing the likelihood of pressure ulcer formation.

Low-Friction Fabric for Medical Applications

Friction elimination is a new technique in pressure ulcer management, which has historically typically focussed on redistribution of pressure. Parafricta low-friction fabric has enabled the manufacture of a new generation of garments and products for bedsore management and prevention, including:

  • Undergarments: Low-friction undergarments are a comfortable way of combatting pressure ulcers affecting the hips and buttocks.
  • Bootees: Parafricta bootees target the heels of your feet and reduce heel friction associated with agitation in bed.
  • Bedding: Pressure-relieving mattresses are complemented by low-friction fabric bedding, which offers comprehensive protection from friction and shear to every part of your body.

Ask About Parafricta Low-Friction Fabric

Parafricta is a wound care company with a core product range built around our one-of-a-kind low-friction fabric. We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of our technology and are committed to improving people’s lives by protecting their skin from the damaging effects of friction and shear.

If you know anyone who suffers from pressure ulcers, or is in discomfort from long periods of inactivity, please contact a member of the Parafricta team today with any questions about our low-friction fabric technology products.