Bed Sore Care: Low-Friction Garments

Treating bed sores can feel like a constant responsibility. Depending on the extent of the sore and the patient’s individual risk factors – including age and any underlying medical conditions – daily care routines can be extensive. New interventions and treatments aim to recognise higher risk patients as early as possible to reduce the risk of bed sores developing. Many of these solutions can also be used to treat existing conditions and accelerate recovery times.

Based on a unique textile, Parafricta low-friction garments are an effective solution for combatting friction and shear; two key factors in bed sore development. In this blog post, we aim to show how low-friction garments can significantly improve the treatment schedules and wellbeing of patients who are at risk of, or are already living with, bed sores.

What is Parafricta Fabric?

Parafricta fabric is a proprietary material designed to moderate friction between a patient’s skin and a surface. Strong and breathable, this silk-like textile can effectively eliminate localised shear-related skin breakdown. We outlined how this works in our previous blog post: Introducing Parafricta Low-Friction Fabric.

When used to fabricate low-friction garments, Parafricta textiles can provide targeted relief and support to the buttocks, hips, and sacrum. This is particularly useful for patients who repeatedly slip down beds or in chairs.

Three types of low-friction undergarments are available from Parafricta: velcro-closure briefs, slip-on briefs, and slip-on boxers. Each of these is available in a full size range. Fit is important in making sure that patients experience the most benefit from their new low-friction garments.

How Effective are Parafricta Low-Friction Garments?

Studies have demonstrated the unique capability of Parafricta low-friction garments in reducing friction to provide tangible quality of life improvements to patients in hospital settings and individuals at risk of bed sore development. The likelihood of bed sores developing is significantly reduced, as is the healing times of wounds that have already developed. In the latter case, Parafricta garments can aid in dressing retention by combatting “rucking up”.

The science of Parafricta low-friction garments is admittedly impressive, but the results are not as powerful as the testimonial evidence provided by existing customers. We invite you to read some of these testimonials for yourself, to see how Parafricta fabric makes a difference to the daily comfort of our customers.

Low-Friction Garments from Parafricta

Parafricta low-friction fabric is a proprietary technology supplied by APA Parafricta Limited, a wound care company that was set up to improve the everyday lives of patients. Our low-friction garments are available for patients in acute hospitals or out in the community. Contact a member of the Parafricta team today if you would like to ask any questions about the specific undergarments available under the Parafricta low-friction range.